What is your 1-degree shift?

 ...And if you knew how, would you be willing?



I am now part of a collective called 1-degree - an amazing team of successful & conscious executives, entrepreneurs, coaches and facilitators.

The four of us have come together to work because we all share the passion of helping leaders create and sustain innovative, visionary, values-driven cultures.1-degree logo FINAL artwork2

I am still continuing with the leadership development work I have always done - and - my experience has been that while individual leaders are willing to make the shift to a more conscious, outcomes-based approach, often the challenge is with their company's internal systems, culture and strategy.

What is needed is a whole systems approach but with the purpose of looking for that 1-degree shift that will make all the difference.

Our purpose at 1-degree is to inspire & equip organizations with the agility to transform & continunuously grow in a VUCA world.

So our mission is to serve and support leaders who have an appetite to transform their cultures. And continuous transformation is now necessary - a new habit all leaders and orgamnizations need to have.

We are your guides in that process. We help evoke the collective aspirations of teams in building a conscious strategy, culture & purpose while ensuring your leadership habits, performance systems and ways of execting all align with your vision.

We start with where you are at and together discover the 1 degree shift that will make the most impact on growing your organization.

If you know of any organizations where re-invention is a must-have – we’d love to help them make the transformation faster and easier.


Contact Suchitra at 416 817 0535 or suchitra@grow-strong.com