“I am an ambitious and motivated person, but I was exerting all of that energy on the wrong things. Suchitra helped me look inside, weed through all of the clutter and get back on a path that is much more in line with who I really am. I have recently moved to Denver, CO; I will be participating in my first triathlon in 5 years; and am playing the guitar again. More importantly, I just feel great.”

J.C., technology sales

“Suchitra has a presence in the room from the moment she walks in; she is personable, articulate and engaging from the moment you meet her. Suchitra balances a professional approach with clarity, humor and reflection. She radiates energy, and generates thoughtful discussion amongst participants. In my opinion: a formula for inspiration and success.”

A.J, entrepreneur

In Their Words :

“Suchitra has helped me to find and unlock my own strength. I am learning to truly understand myself, and Suchitra’s unique brand of insight and wisdom have helped me greatly in this process, not by giving me the answers, but by gently guiding me to find the answers within.

I am gradually coming to understand what is truly important to me, and how I can make empowered decisions based on these ‘core values’…In the past three months, I have quit smoking (after 16 years, and numerous failed attempts), realized a life-long dream of becoming a published sports writer, and made some very positive changes in my lifestyle, and in how I work within my most important personal and professional relationships. I am learning to confront - and overcome- fears and frustrations that I have carried with me for practically my entire life, and moving past those feelings into an exciting new frame-of-mind, from which I see possibilities and opportunities all around me.

I believe that Suchitra possesses two of the greatest gifts there are: The ability to see, understand and appreciate the strengths, beauty, talents, and potential that lie within other people…and - even more importantly - the ability to help others to learn to see those things within themselves, and to help them to unlock their potential."

R. P., enterprise sales

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 “The true artist in me was dying on the vine and I knew that if I did not make a major life change immediately, things would only get worse. Suchitra was not afraid to ask the penetrating questions, which guided me to pinpoint my heart’s true desire. Her capacity to design an effective strategy based on my own intended results gave me clarity of where I wanted to end up and realize that a bridge could be built to get there. I feel eternally grateful for Suchitra’s unrelenting faith in me, her tremendous navigational insight and for all the times she carried us through the harder conversations with her vivacious laughter and contagious sense of humor.”

A.F., songwriter

“You are a creative genius! As you know, I work with a number of great trainers. Based on the Creative Brilliance workshop you gave at WEC last week, I must say you are right up there with the best of them. I received umpteen tips from you and interactive bunch of women who attended. And I am impressed with how you ended the workshop smoothly even though the meeting ended earlier than you thought. You are a change expert, no doubt. Thank you! “

Jennifer Beale,
Publisher & Publicist

“I came out of our months together not only coming to a conclusion on what my next career opportunity might be whenever the time is right for that but also some valuable processes on decision making and areas of my personal life. Thank you so much for your effort, it was nice to have you put as much energy into it as I felt I was. I will always be able to use what I learned here throughout my life. Thank you so much for a truly valuable experience!!”

I.R., enterprise sales

“You have an uncanny ability to listen patiently, to respond with understanding, and to evoke wholehearted dialogue. I see you as a mental and spiritual facilitator, someone who can help me focus my thoughts and emotions toward constructive action.”

P.T., corporate finance

Contact Suchitra at 416 817 0535 or suchitra@grow-strong.com