My certifications

First of all, I am a certified co-active coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and as a long-standing member abide by their code of ethics. The school I studied with, The Coaches Training Institute is the largest and oldest in-person coach training school in the world and the only program to teach CTI's ground-breaking Co-Active Model of coaching. CTI was also the very first organization accredited by ICF. 




I am a certified to administer The Leadership Circle ProfileTM  - the leading edge in 360 Assessments.  I have used a number of other 360 tools in my career both as internal coach and external. After coaching more than a hundred dynamic leaders through this powerful process, I can safely say this feedback process delivers breakthrough results every single time.  


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I help Leadership Teams gain clarity and direction in building a values-driven organization by using the rich compliment of assessments designed by the Barrett Values Centre who I am a certified consultant with.

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I am a certified trainer for Personality Dimensions®, a simple but profound and highly validated personality assessment. I have used many tools over the years including Myers Briggs and this is based on the same formidable body of research but it easy to remember - and therefore actually use in relationships at work and home. I have taken hundreds of business people through this fun, insightful process - in Canada, the US and Central America.

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And I am certified to deliver the EQ in Action Profile. This is a deeply insightful reflection tool for an individual to gain awareness of their internal reactions under stress and the implications of that on themselves and others.

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