I have been in Leadership Development for more than twenty years now.

And in the years since 2005, I have had the joy of synthesizing all my previous experiences into offering strengths-based leadership development as a certified professional coach and facilitator.

I didn't know this was where I was heading but I am very grateful to have found my true purpose.

It started when I managed the community development arm of the YWCA, my focus was on strengthening women and youth in crisis while creating preventative programs for the thousands of seasonal staff that come to work in the Bow Valley every year. These programs were designed to engage key partners in the business community, programs it turns out that live on today, well more than a decade later. 

At the same time I was very passionate about sustainable development issues. I collaborated on various community theatre projects that travelled throughout Western Canada and Asia. And then I volunteered for a national not for profit, initially as a participant volunteer in South America then as their lead animateur trainer. As such, I was  responsible for overseeing all the trainers who helped prepare and debrief participants from their overseas postings.

And then fifteen years ago, I moved to Toronto and worked in the corporate arena of Training & Development, first for a boutique recruiting agency then a fast-growing sales and marketing company in hi-tech. In these roles, I designed and facilitated training programs in customer service, sales and then management and leadership development.

Then the life of the entrepreneur called out to me and I've been working eversince with both individuals and teams to help them build on and sustain their true definition of success.

Supporting my clients and helping them find ways to grow and take on new challenges that are meaningful to them gives me a deep sense of fulfilment. And the loyalty and referrals I receive from them reinforces that this is indeed the work I was made for.

It all feels like a great adventure. I have also been fortunate to hike Peru’s Inca trail, backpack in Maui, kayak Canada’s Clayoquot Sound, perform in a popular theatre troupe in the remote islands of the Philippines and motor bike to remote hot springs in the Bolivian Andes. And, I was blessed to call Banff National Park home for 13 years.

And now, I live on the waterfront of downtown Toronto which is also pretty sweet in that for eight months of the year, that means I can kayak pretty much from my front door. And so ... I do!

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