Why You Might Want a Coach

Perhaps you are at a point where you are feeling a little stuck? Less than fully engaged? Not enjoying your life like you know you could? Not being completely honest with yourself and you know it.

All very human experiences . Because let’s face it, life can be hard. 

But you can't shake that whisper of discontent. You know something is out of whack.

And that something is your integrity.

What you say is important and how you are now living your life have become somewhat disconnected from each other.

The word "integrity" actually comes from "integer" which means one. Oneness. Alignment.

 So, lets get you back into alignment!

Having a coach means you are smart enough to know you need help getting thru this next patch of life. We all deserve a coach from time to time. It's not a sign of weakness but smartness. Really! (and I drink my own medicine on this)


Because, think of it: Having an unbiased  champion to help you find the courage to dare to want something more, to manage the mental noise that will interfere with that dream and to then break it down into manageable to-do’s and keep going even when its tough.

That can mean all the difference in actually becoming your ideal “You”. The difference between thinking about the life you want in a vague, non-committal, “nice to have maybe one day” sorta way and actually naming it, committing to it and living it.

That process can be too daunting to start or we start and then our fears get the better of us and we stop.  So a coach walks with you, holds you bigger than your fears and all the obstacles, and helps you reconnect to what you want and stay the course.


We all crave having such a powerful ally at our side. Someone whose focus is purely on us.

In the coaching relationship, your dreams and fears are seen and heard by someone with no preconceived notions of you and no agenda of their own, other than your success ~ however YOU define that success.

That means you are no longer able to hide from yourself, your truth is reflected back through me, the coach. The barriers in your way get addressed and dealt with as they show up in old habits and patterns, and together we break your larger goals into do-able smaller milestones. 

You feel calmer, clearer, confident, focused, acknowledged, capable, decisive, engaged, aligned and …. alive!

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