High Potentials ... aka Emerging Leaders


Who are these Emerging Leaders?
Emerging leaders are those rising stars in your company that have proven themselves with some successes and have lots of potential to take on more responsibility.

They have already been named as high potentials, perhaps as part of your succession planning.

They may aspire to be managers or have healthy careers ahead as individual contributors. Either way, they are your go-to’s. They are hard working and savvy in their area of expertise.


Why are they especially important to develop?
These people have lots of runway.

And so you want to keep them. So you need to develop them, help build their capacity.

Often in my experience this kind of high achiever personality has not yet stopped in their career to do any personal development. So they don't know what they don't know.

How that often shows up is that they have bad habits. Ways of doing their work - or thinking about their work - that will start to limit their capacity. Like thinking they have to say yes and do it all themselves instead of being discerning and learning how to empower others.

And most managers tend to give their A players less coaching attention because they don't seem to need it. But that means those bad habits can become entrentched and start to erode their efficiency.

With the process you engage me to facilitate, we reward them for their achievements and continue to engage them while genuinely giving them an opportunity to grow.

Being given the opportunity to pause to do some facilitated self reflection strengthens and clarifies their focus so they are working more strategically and effectively.

This kind of development, in my experience, is often nothing short of transformative and helps ensure that their success is continued and sustainable.


 I can work with your emerging leaders in one of two ways:

Individual leadership done in a group setting


Customized coaching for newly promoted managers


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